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See who’s in our cuemmunity! Cuers come from all kinds of backgrounds. Here you can connect with cuers, families, and professionals near you or across the country. 

This Cuemmunity Directory lists NCSA members who self-report as Cued Language Transliterators, Instructors of Cued Speech, Volunteer Mentors, and Cueing Business/Service Professionals. NCSA cannot validate or certify claims of Cued Speech skill or proficiency. Directory entries are re-evaluated when the membership of the organization or individual is due for renewal. If you have feedback on Directory listings, contact us!

Suggestions on Selecting a CLT

Finding an Instructor of Cued Speech

Volunteer Mentors have completed a CLEAR workshop (Cuers for Leadership, Education, Advocacy and Resources).  NCSA does not currently have a Mentor-specific development program.

Individual professionals who report that they are cuers have not necessarily participated in any standardized Cued Speech training or proficiency evaluations. The NCSA cannot endorse the businesses/services offered, nor can it validate self-reported competence in Cued Speech.

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