Get Fluent

For more experienced cuers looking to increase fluency, check our Events for upcoming “Beyond the Basics” or “Intermediate Cued Speech” classes offered at cue camps, Board meeting workshops, and online classes hosted by regional affiliates.

Additionally, Cue College offers self-paced and instructor-led courses. Virtual tutors can provide one-on-one sessions for live cueing practice and feedback. Tutoring services are currently offered by Cue College’s Cue Tutor™ program and CueOn.

Are you curious about how cueing fluency develops, and what stage of cueing fluency you may identify with? To request our Stages of Cueing Fluency document, click here , then Contact Us or Find an Event to locate an upcoming event or workshop.

In the words of Dr. Cornett, the inventor of the Cued Speech system, “Slow is beautiful.” When trying to achieve fluency, focus on cueing accurately first, even if very slowly.