Find Your Cued Language

The NCSA is honored to support the Académie Internationale sur les Adaptations du «Cued» (AISAC). Founded in 2019, AISAC oversees the adaptations of Cued Speech to the world’s languages. It is an international collaboration between the national Cued Speech charities of France, the United States, England, and Switzerland.

Cued Speech has been adapted to about 65 different languages and dialects. AISAC aims to certify the adaptations and update charts, incorporate a standard phonemic spelling, centralize and improve access to materials, and increase the number of cued languages. The mission of AISAC is to make every spoken language a visual language.

AISAC was initiated by the ALPC (France) and proposed to the NCSA and Cued Speech charities in other countries. Each country with a national cueing charity may nominate two representatives to serve on the AISAC and pays annual dues to support the committee’s efforts. Academy members must be Cued Speech users with formal training in phonetics or phonology. Academy members also rely on its Ambassadors Council – an advisory group with specialized knowledge and skills who support AISAC’s mission.

Learn how AISAC is expanding Cued Speech to new horizons worldwide:

Explore AISAC’s list of cued languages created around the world to get a sense of what adaptations have been done over the years.

View updated cued language charts as AISAC produces them. AISAC adds modern charts as soon as they are available.

To preserve historical Cued Speech charts, AISAC also created a digital archive with the old charts, including early versions, and Dr. Cornett’s handwritten notes. These are a valuable piece of Cued Speech history, but should not be used for educational or reference purposes as some of them are no longer current.

The AISAC website serves as a rich resource preserving and enriching the historical efforts of Cued Speech pioneers all over the world and expanding accessibility to the remarkable gift of visual access to more world languages.

You can directly support the expansion of cued languages available by making a donation to AISAC through the NCSA’s World Languages Fund.

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