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On Cue: Summer 2017, Volume 28 Issue 1

  • Freedom to Communicate: A Parent’s Advocacy, by Hend Ibrahim
  • A Registered Nurse Shows Appreciation for Cued Speech, by Amber Hsu neé Kimball, as told to Hannah Mann
  • President’s Message: Welcoming A New Board, by Anne Huffman
  • NCSA Announces 2017-2020 Board Slate
  • Kindergarten Readiness for Deaf Children
  • Bilingualism – ASL and Cued English: A Position Statement of the National Cued Speech Association
  • Spring Camp Cheerio 2017, by Courtney Branscome
  • Camp ChiCueGo @ ISD 2017, by Aaron Rose
  • 50th Anniversary of Cued Speech Conference, by Sarina Roffé
  • Honoring Our Best and Brightest
  • Dr. R. Orin Cornett Portrait Unveiled at Gallaudet
  • Thank you to a Cued Language Transliterator

Download this issue of On Cue below.