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Cued Speech Journal – Volume VI, 1998

Editor: Carol J. Boggs
Editorial Board: Barbara Caldwell, R. Orin Cornett, Polly Earl, Catherine Quenin

p. 1 Toward the Automatic Generation of Cued Speech

  • Maroula S. Bratokos, Paul Duchnowski, & Louis D. Braida

p. 38 Cued Speech & Foreign Language Instruction – Prologue

  • Linda Bement, Catherine Quenin, Catherine Clark & Jeannée Sacken

p. 40 Cued Speech as a Practical Approach to Teaching Spanish to Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Foreign Language Students

  • Linda Bement & Catherine Quenin

p. 57 French Cued Speech: Teaching French in a Mainstreamed College Classroom

  • Catherine Clarke & Jeannée Sacken

Volume VI Addendum

p. 71 Tactile Cued Speech as a Supplement to Speechreading

  • Lorraine A. Delhorne, Joan M. Besing, Nathaniel I. Durlach, and Charlotte M. Reed