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Cued Speech Journal – Volume V, 1994

Editor: Carol J. Boggs
Editorial Board: Barbara Caldwell, R. Orin Cornett, Mary Elsie Daisey

p. 1 The Importance of Thinking Words »
-R. Orin Cornett

p. 8 An Acoustic Study of the Speech Skills of Profoundly
Hearing-Impaired Children Who Use Cued Speech

  • John Ryalls, Dominque Auger & Catherine Hage

p. 19 Adapting Cued Speech to Additional Languages

  • R. Orin Cornett

p. 30 Cued Speech and the Ling Speech Model: Building Blocks for Intelligible Speech

  • Christina Barris Perigoe & Barbara M. LeBlanc

p. 37 Accelerating English Acquisition and Reading Development in Total Communication and Aural / Oral Programs

  • R. Orin Cornett

p. 55 Why Johnny Can Read

  • Barbara Caldwell

p. 65 Special Section on NCSA Guidelines and Policies

p. 66 Review and Approval of Cued Speech Materials

p. 67 Rationale for Establishment of Guidelines for Persons Producing Cued Speech Materials
They Wish the NCSA to Approve, Recommend and/or Distribute

p. 69 Terminology for Cued Speech Materials

p. 73 Mechanics of Cueing