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Cued Speech Journal – Volume IV, 1990

Editor: Carol J. Boggs
Editorial Board: R. Orin Cornett, Ph.D.; M. Carolyn Jones, Ph.D.; Joan Rupert; Mary Elsie Daisey;
Walter Beaupre, Ph.D.

Formerly the Cued Speech Annual

Special Research Issue

p. 1 Use of Internal Speech in Reading by Hearing and Hearing-Impaired Students in Oral, Total Communication, and Cued Speech Programs

  • Jean E. Wandel

p. 4 Role Played by Cued Speech in the Identification of Written Words Encountered for the First Time by Deaf Children: A Preliminary Report

  • Jesús Alegría, Karine Dejean, Jean-Marie Capouillez, and Jacquline Leybaert

p. 10 Role of Cued Speech in the Identification of Words by the Deaf Child:
Theory and Preliminary Data

  • Jesús Alegría, Josianne Lechat, and Jacquline Leybaert

p. 24 Cued Speech and the Acquisition of Reading by Deaf Children

  • Jacquline Leybaert and Jesús Alegría

p. 39 Cued Speech and Language Acquisition: With Specifics Related to Grammatical Gender

  • Catherine Hage, Jesús Alegría, and Olivier Périer

p. 47 Evaluation of the Effects of Prolonged Cued Speech Practice Upon the Reception of
Spoken Language

  • Olivier Périer, Brigitte Charlier, Catherine Hage, and Jesús Alegría

p. 60 The Combination of Cued Speech and Signed French to Improve Spoken Language Acquisition by Young Deaf Children

  • Olivier Périer, Ann Bochner-Wuidar, Bernadette Everarts, and Janine Michiels

p. 71 The Psycholinguistic Integration of Signed French and Cued Speech: How Can Speech Components be Triggered?

  • Olivier Périer

p. 77 Annotated Bibliography of Research on Cued Speech

  • R. Orin Cornett