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Cued Speech Journal – Volume III, 1987

Editor: Carol J. Boggs
Editorial Board: R. Orin Cornett, Ph.D.; M. Carolyn Jones, Ph.D.; Joan Rupert; Mary Elsie Daisey;
Walter Beaupre, Ph.D.

p. 1 Keynote Address Cued Speech: Progress and Perspectives: 1987

  • R. Orin Cornett

p. 17 Language Development Through Communication with Cued Speech

  • Mary Elsie Daisey

p. 32 The Cued Speechreading Test: An Analysis of the Results

  • Walter J. Beaupre

p. 41 Response Patterns in a Speechreading Task Involving Cued Speech

  • James F. Gregory

p. 45 Cuereading Skills Development
Alison M. Turner

p. 49 Cued Speech and Audition: Partners or Rivals(?)

  • Joyce Richey

p. 55 Cue to My Face but Please Talk Behind My Back: Combining Unisensory
Auditory Training and Cued Speech

  • Beth Dowling

p. 60 Cued Speech in Great Britain

  • June Dixon-Miller

This appendix contains proposals and abstracts of presentations at the first annual Conference of the National Cued Speech Association for which full manuscripts were not available. These items are presented in alphabetical order by the name of the first author.

p. 67 Kindergarten: Fun or Frustration? Language-Based Criteria for Mainstreaming,

  • Pat Fletcher

p. 69 Background Variables as Predictors of Cued Speechreading Proficiency

  • James F. Gregory

p. 71 Aural Habilitation Prior to Cochlear Implant of a Congenitally Deaf Child

  • Judith A. Lasensky and Priscilla M. Danielson

p. 73 Case Study: Cued Speech Training for a Deaf-Blind Ten-Year-Old

  • Judith A. Lasensky and Priscilla M. Danielson

p. 75 Cued Speech and the Role of Auditory Learning

  • James M. Latt

p. 76 A Comparison of the Intelligibility of Cued and Uncued Speech

  • M. Catherine Sheridan

p. 78 “Don’t Just Talk, Say Something!”: Generalization of Speech Targets Into Everyday Language Use

  • Nedra A. Sneed