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Kevin Rance


Kevin has been deaf since birth and grew up cueing. He does not use hearing aids or cochlear implants. He hails from Fayetteville, GA, and is currently a senior at the University of Georgia, studying mathematics. He aspires to working in deaf ministry and teaching mathematics.    

Q. What’s your name and age?
Kevin Rance, 21 years old

Q. How long have you been deaf or hard of hearing? Do you use hearing aids or a cochlear implant?
I’ve been deaf since birth. I use neither hearing aids or cochlear implant.

Q. Where do you live today? Where did you grow up? Were/are there other cuers in your area?
I live in Fayetteville, GA and grew up there most of my life as well. I live in Athens when I go to college. There are no other cuers in my area save for my mother and my university transliterator.

Q. How did Cued Speech end up as your primary communication method? When did you start cueing? Who cued to you (family, teachers, friends, etc)?
My mother picked up cueing when I was young and I learned English from Cued Speech. I started cueing as far back as I can remember. My mother, father, grandmother, my high school transliterator and my university transliterator all cued to me.

Q. What communication methods did/do you use in school- Transliterators, Terps, transcription, etc?
I use a single transliterator in university right now and interpreters if she’s out for the day.

Q. What has been the impact of using Cued Speech on your life? Do you still use CS today?
For one, I learned English and it has enabled me to get a better education in a mainstream school my whole life. I still use Cued Speech to talk to my mother and in academics, but not with my friends.

Q. Tell me about your education. What did/do you study and where (if applicable)?
I am studying mathematics at the University of Georgia.

Q. What are you up to now?
I am currently in university trying to get a degree so I can teach mathematics to the deaf after I’ve gone abroad on a two year mission trip for the deaf.

Q. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Hopefully doing deaf ministry work.

Q. Have you got a favorite book?
My favorite book is the Holy Bible by God Himself.

Q. What kind of activities do you enjoy?
I enjoy watching tv, anime on my computer, hanging out with my friends, worship, retreats, ASL events/classes.

Q. What would you like people to know about Cued Speech, or raising a deaf/HH child in general?
Cued speech is awesome, and it does not threaten ASL at all! In fact, I learned ASL right after Cued Speech and I am proficient in both English and ASL. It’s quite awesome. I recommend Cued Speech for all deaf and hard of hearing children for their education as early as possible.

Q. What is one little known advantage that Cued Speech has given you?
I have learned English as a first language and I was able to keep up on par with my hearing classmates and I got to college.

Q. I know you are active in deaf ministry. Do you have any future plans to say, make cued videos, or incorporate CS into ministry somehow?
I never thought of this possibility. It would be interesting to use Cued Speech in my ministry if I am doing deaf ministry here in the United States, because I only know English and ASL.

Q. As a senior (right?) what are your spring break plans this year?
I am going to Honduras for the whole week on a mission trip.

Kevin Rance
Athens, GA