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Cued Speech Association of New England

Cued Speech Association of New England (CSANE) is an affiliate of the NCSA.

CSANE hosts Cue Camp Mechuwana, an annual summer camp in Winthrop, Maine, where families and professionals can gather in a beautiful lakeside setting to learn to cue or improve cueing skills, meet other cuers; or to learn how cueing is being used for bilingual education, to naturally acquire the spoken language of the family and community, to provide phonemic awareness pre and post implant, to receive direct access in educational and professional settings without interpretation, and to improve literacy skills.

CSANE also offers online Cued Speech classes and professional development opportunities for families, Teachers of the Deaf, Speech Language Pathologists, Cued Language Transliterators, Audiologists, Early Interventionists, and other service providers.

To learn more, visit their Facebook group or send an email to Cued Speech Association of New England.


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