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Camp Chi-Cue-Go

Wheeling, IL (near Chicago)

Save the date - July 25 - 26!

Come join us for our 2nd annual Camp Chi-Cue-Go - experience two fun days of learning and practicing Cued Speech. Come socialize with old and new friends! Our camp is a family-friendly camp for all individuals, families and children at the AGBMS near Chicago!  For more info, go to the camps page! »

Save the date brochure! »

Online brochure and registration coming soon!

Cues On Tap
Socials!! (Dinner)

Sat, April 12 - North Carolina - 7 PM
Natty Greene's Greensboro
345 South Elm St, Greensboro, NC 27401

Sat, April 12 - Wash, DC (Falls Church) - 7PM
Grevy's Restaurant and Sports Bar
8130 Arlington Blvd, Falls Church, VA 22042

Sat, April 26 - Florida - 7PM
The Village Door
136 Fisherman’s Cove, Destin, FL 32550

NCSA Board Meeting and Cues on Tap Social - April 25 - 26, 2014
Free Introductory cued American English Workshop Course.

Intro to Cued American English Workshop (FREE)
Destin, Florida

April 25 - 26, 2014

Pre-registration is required - link for flyer directly below, download and email to

In this interactive workshop you will learn how the eight handshapes (groups of consonants) and four placements (groups of vowels) in Cued Speech are combined to express English visually.

Intro to Cued English Workshop registration form »

InsCert Cued Speech Workshop and National Certification Exam - Destin, Florida - April 25 - 26, 2014
Apply for the
2014 Dr. Cornett
Deadline: June 1, 2014

For Beginners:
Stages in
Cueing Fluency
Phases in
Learning to Cue

New Cuers - User-Friendly Guidelines!

These PDF documents, "Stages in Cueing Fluency" and "Phases in Learning to Cue" were carefully prepared, rehearsed and written by Barbara Williams-Scott, Betsy Kipila and Dr. Polly Earl as a resource to help beginner cuers have a better sense of their progress while learning to cue on their own!

They are ready for download (courses, workshops, camps, students and teachers):

"Stages in Cueing Fluency" (PDF) »

“Phases in Learning to Cue” (PDF) »

Spring Camp Cheerio logo

Spring Camp Cheerio - 30th Anniversary!!

May 16 - 18, 2014

Registration now open! - Click here to sign up »

Spring Camp Cheerio is located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Come visit YMCA Camp Cheerio, a family camp, complete with board, lodging, and recreational activities!

A camp for individuals and families interested in learning strategies for spoken language. Take advantage of beginner and intermediate CS Classes!

Check out 2012 Spring Camp Cheerio photos! »
Educational Interpreter Performance Test for Cued Speech

Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment - Cued Speech

An NCSA-endorsed tool for K-12 classrooms!

Transliterators - get feedback on skills!

Parents - document the skills of your child's transliterator.

Administrators - assess new hires and employees to ensure quality CS transliteration services.

Check out the EIPA Cued Speech page at »

Free NCSA Membership and On Cue Newsletter for First Time Deaf and Hard of Hearing Professionals, Educators and Parents.

Free Membership for Parents, Educators and Professionals (New Applicants)

*All individuals who have never been a member before are eligible! Application form is found directly below - click here to sign up for *free* NCSA membership! »

In applying for one years *free* NCSA membership, you'll receive hard copies of the 'On Cue' eNewsletters in the mail. You and your family becomes eligible for scholarships and financial benefits (camps, classes and workshops)! Digital eNewsletters are emailed bi-weekly in keeping our community informed nationally / internationally!


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The National Cued Speech Association supports effective communication, language development and literacy between individuals, families, infants and children alike through the use of Cued Speech.

What is Cued Speech?

Cued Speech is a visual mode of communication in which mouth movements of speech combine with “cues” to make the sounds (phonemes) of traditional spoken languages look different. Cueing allows users who are deaf, hard of hearing or who have language / communication disorders to access the basic, fundamental properties of spoken languages through the use of vision.

To view videos about Cued Speech, click here. »

If you have difficulty viewing this video, please click on this link: YouTube: What Is Cued Speech? »

The Latest Updates

  1. 2014 Camp Grant Forms
    are now available!


    Due date for camp grants - March 1st

    Click to view / download
    the official NCSA Camp Grant Form »

    Fill out the camp grants and email to Andy Payonk at

  2. Excellent Docs for New Cuers!


    These quality guidelines, "Stages in Cueing Fluency" and "Phases in Learning to Cue" were carefully prepared, rehearsed and written by Barbara Williams-Scott, Betsy Kipila, and Dr. Polly Earl for use by beginner cuers to have a better sense of their progress while learning to cue on their own!

    They are ready for download (courses, workshops, camps, students and teachers):

    "Stages in Cueing Fluency" (PDF) »

    “Phases in Learning to Cue”(PDF) »

  3. Scholarship Application Forms

    The Dr. Orin Cornett and Carol Schuler Memorial Scholarships are given out annually for students who have used Cued Speech for the last five years during their education and are entering or attending a vocational, undergraduate or graduate school.

    – Scholarships from the R. Orin Cornett Scholarship Fund are NOT awarded based on financial need, degree of hearing loss or use of a cochlear implant.

    Scholarships ARE awarded based on the following criteria:

    • 1.   The candidate has used/uses Cued Speech as primary mode of communication.
    • 2.   The candidate is an individual member or is included in a family membership of the NCSA.
    • 3.   NCSA’s mission, vision and goals have been and will continue to be represented by the candidate.
    • **For more details, download and read the scholarship application form as listed below.
    To read and or apply for the scholarships, download either the PDF or Doc form below:

    Scholarship application form (DOC) »

    Scholarship application form (PDF) »
  4. Fall 2013 'On Cue' Newsletter

    Our Fall 2013 On Cue newsletter has been posted online in PDF format for members and supporters!

    If you don't believe you're a member, see about signing up - we'd love to have you with us in supporting the Deaf Childrens Literacy Project movement on the education front in supporting new Cued Speech families and students of all ages!

    Click to download the latest On Cue eNewsletter »

    If you have never been a NCSA member before, don't hesitate and apply for a one years *free* NCSA membership by filling out the form directly to the left of this section! This way you get a hard copy of our On Cue newsletters during that trial period.

    Otherwise, can you *renew* your NCSA membership here - your support is always appreciated!! Your money goes into funding On Cue newsletters, cue camps, Cued Speech workshops and in providing financial support for certification on behalf of transliteraters and instructors!

    To view NCSA publications page listing all past On Cue newsletter issues (PDFs), click here »
  5. InsCert Cued Speech Workshop and National Certification Exam

    April 19 - 21, 2013

    The InsCert flyer and registration forms for the Basic Instructor Workshop and National Certification Exam are available now in PDF format, the links are directly below:

    InsCert workshop flyer »

    Basic Instructor Workshop form »

    National Certification Exam form »
  6. Expressive Cued Speech Skills Assessment Docs

    Three new Expressive Cued Speech Skills Assessments (Word-level, Sentence-level, and Conversational-level)
    are now available. »

    Click to download the request form today. »
  7. Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment Program

    Need to assess transliterator skills through the Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment program? You're in luck, the Cued Speech version of the EIPA is now available! Download here »
  8. Excellent Resource - 'Cued Speech and Cued Language for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children'

    Order your copy of the scholarly tome Cued Speech and Cued Language for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children

    Find this excellent, in-depth reference for audiologists, teachers and literacy scholars alike at »
  9. Dictionary of Cued Speech for American English

    The NCSA's Dictionary of Cued Speech for American English is now available online! This dictionary contains roughly 1000 words that, taken together, illustrate the fundamental principles of the Cued Speech system.

    Click here to view this incredible resource! »
  10. Discounted Student Membership Rates

    *High school, undergraduate, and graduate students* - a letter of full support from the NCSA. Membership for all students is now $10 a year - the form can be downloaded here! »

    If you would like to fill out the membership form online, the application page is here »
  11. NUBY Press Release - Deaf Children's Literacy Project

    Take a moment or two to read the exciting September 12, 2012 press release about NUBY having launched the International Corporate Responsibility Program in its support of the Deaf Children’s Literacy Project and championing effective communication, language development and literacy on behalf of families and deaf children:

    Deaf Children's Literacy Project & NUBY Press Release [PDF] »

    NUBY is owned by the Hakims and sells chemical-free (BPA-free) baby products worldwide, the link is ».
  • National Cued Speech Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing on Facebook
  • Nuby, Inc - High Quality, Chemical Free Baby Products
  • Deaf Childrens Literacy Project Charity, Improving Literacy for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.
  • Sarina Roffe Management, Marketing & Consulting - New York City, New York
  • Deaf Childrens Literacy Project champions literacy and phonetics for families of deaf and hard of hearing children
  • Coach John Brubaker Consulting | Motivational Speaker
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